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General X5 Forum (E53) / Re: E53 Front Bumper Removal Problem
« on: May 04, 2018, 10:19:52 AM »
Hi guys, managed to do it! It was those tabs that were the issue. So you can use video 1 for all the bolts to undo (annoyingly there is no mention of these tabs!!), and video 2 mentions the tabs, 1.15secs in.

You need a flat pry tool, just lever the gap between the bumper and the wing, you'll see the tabs, then press down on them and pull the bumper out towards you from the side. Takes a bit of wiggling.

I only had one sensor out so managed to only un-pop one side and rested the bumper on a box.

Sorry I didn't take more pics, I was in a mad rush as usual!

Video 1

Video 2
1.15secs in

This is my pic, I had put it back on, this is just before I clicked it into place. Actually quite easy once you know these are there!
IMG_9678 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

General X5 Forum (E53) / Re: E53 Front Bumper Removal Problem
« on: May 03, 2018, 12:42:13 PM »
Thanks ttr, appreciate it.

Funny you should say that, it feels most stuck on at the front corners where the bumper meets the wing. I will have a go at it later and report back!

General X5 Forum (E53) / E53 Front Bumper Removal Problem
« on: May 03, 2018, 10:43:29 AM »
Hi guys,

I have tried 3 times now using the guide on here and this one:


The front bumper just won't come off. I have removed all the bolts listed in this YT video apart from 1 thats too rusty under the front valance. Surely I could still lever it off a bit? Just to replace a faulty sensor.

Having undone all but one, lower bolt, its still like its welded on, doesn't ever budge. Short of going Hulk on it and ripping it off, not sure what to do.

Is there a knack thats not shown in this YT video?

Thanks in advance for your help guys.

What do you get when you press VEHICLE? As for the OBC mileage time changing resetting mpg, all that stuff you will need to plug inn the old head unit to reset so basically if you want to be able to do that you'll have to keep the old HU. To big for glovebox so it would be plug in, do what you want to do then unplug.

Nothing exciting! It takes you back to the Dynavin interface. I guess if it was a new BMW with Car Play it would just take you back to the main menu.

My wife has been using the car so I've not had much chance to really test it all. But I'm starting to wonder if the Car Play is not really worth it. You get controlled access to your music and Spotify especially which is what I use every day. But I guess you could have the same with your phone mounted on the dash and just a bluetooth link to the car. Also, the phone HAS to be plugged in with your charger cable to use Car Play. If they would put more apps on it, it would be great. I love Waze for instance. I've read you can jail break it and get loads of apps but not really into that.

I realise I can't reset my OBC, MPG etc now. I wonder if there is a hack for that??

I drove up to the midlands to have the work done. So far very pleased with the overall result. The reversing camera is a god send as my parking sensors are faulty!

My nav was in this state:
IMG_1073 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

So it needed sorting. Here are some pics of the install and the finished product. I turned up there at 9am, left at 2.30pm.

The only things I've noticed so far are:

1. The res of the Apple Car Play icons is fuzzy. They are looking into it for me, but it looks a bit rubbish compared to a pin sharp Iphone screen!

2. I have the arial mounted on the windscreen. Fine in London but DAB is patchy on the open road in the countryside. I would go for the shark fin in the future.

3. The reversing camera points down quite a bit. Not much a far view behind the car. But it does what it needs to do!

The positives are the Nav is really good, very visual, loads of info. The Bluetooth phone is super clear and the stereo quality is very good. DAB is awesome!

I will document it more as I use it.

IMG_1076 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

IMG_1077 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

IMG_1078 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

IMG_1080 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

IMG_1082 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

IMG_1083 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

I agree with out knowledgeable friend...
I have just ONE front corner sensor not working & the whole lot are buggered as a result.
Conveniently its a front outer  :-(  ... so its bumper off when the sun shines again....

I may try to make some kind or retro fit that allows for an easy swap out without removing the bumper in future, as as they are bound to fail again - because they can.

Reading deep into your post, are you saying the outer fronts are bumper off but the inner fronts are not? Mine is a front inner.

Successfully fitted the new rear sensor. Did the test, all 4 are clicking now. Still not working!  :blink:

I've not done the front one due to the bumper off situation for front. Rears should work though? Could it be something else?

If its not the sensors and something else, would one of those cheap diagnostics tools pin point the issue?

Feel at the base of the sensor housing ( inside the bumper space ) pull the tab downwards and away from the sensor.
It should all come loose and allow the sensor and outer housing to come towards the outer side

Brilliant, thanks Horizon, I'll give that a go. Do you know if the rears should work even if the fronts don't?


Hi guys,

I have searched the forum but can't seem to find exactly what I need. Hope someone can help.

1. Is there a knack to removing the outer side rear sensors? I have taken the cover off where the 4.4 exhausts would go, reached in, uplugged the sensor but can't remove it. Is there a special twist? Or do I need a tool? Can't push it in or out. Don't want to break anything!

2. Do the front and rear sensors form a circuit? I have loosely plugged in my new rear sensor, all 4 rears are now clicking when I do the ignition test. But they still don't work. I do however still have a faulty front sensor which I won't be able to replace for a while. But do I need to replace that front one too for the rears to work?

Any help greatly appreciated.



Ok, I'm booked in

If it’s possible can you see whether they run the long cable from the boot down the passenger or driver side, and take a few pics of your DAB aerial, gps aerial and microphone. You may as well blow the budget and go for the TV option as well then you can do a picture of the TV aerials for me!
Quite jealous really but if you see on another thread the amount of work I’ve just done underneath that’s cost £1200 you’ll understand why I’ve had to hold off for a month or two!😝

Will do. I'll take as many pics as poss without being an annoying client hanging around looking over their shoulders!

Have had the N7 fitted for some time, TV is very good, DAB is excellent, I fitted a roof mounted aerial, nightmare to do, 3 skin layers on the roof trying to drill through two layers with a bigger hole than the final one through the roof was nerve racking as you only really get one go. Reverse camera comes on with reverse selected and also displays the PDC. Have voice control (once it seemed to learn my N Irish accent) can read my messages to me and send texts dictated to it. I am thinking of adding car play so will be interested to hear how that performs. If I had a complaint it would be the angle of the screen on bright days.

Thanks henrym3, great to hear a positive review. Looking forward to seeing how the Car Play works. Thought I had a sharkfin already but must be thinking about my old E46. If I can't just swap out a sharkfin I doubt I'll be having holes drilled. You are a brave man!!

I think it’ll take me more than 4 hours! I gather the N7 was supposed to have a better tuner anyway, not heard of anyone drilling the roof yet - you could always be the forum Guinea 🐷, I read somewhere that even the tv aerials worked ok under the dash hidden away but I’m not sure about the dab aerial

Happy to be the Guinea pig! They seem like a proper outfit. Will takes lots of photos.

Quite excited about having the rear camera where I can just turn it on whilst driving and see my bikes on the back for instance (when I have them). Or a tailgaters number plate!

Ok, I'm booked in to have the the nav unit, Apple Play and Reverse camera installed on Monday 19th. I will send a full report afterwards! They reckon on 4 hours to install. Would take me 4 days with lots of nuts and bolts left over if I did it.

The DAB arial is mounted inside the front window. The guy reckons a proper Shark Fin would be better. Another £180!  :blink: Anyone had bad experience with the window mounted one? I'm think whilst I'm there I should have it done!! I'll be skint after this.  :'(

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