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Problems / Re: Starting problem.. Making scary sounds
« on: February 11, 2018, 12:04:46 AM »
Ring gear damage would mean either engine or gearbox removal (the latter is the easiest I suspect) so that the flywheel can be replaced - or removed for a new gear to be fitted (a specialist task on its own).  Ring gears are pretty hard given how much they put up with.  The part is about £500.

Hi, thanks a lot for all the help and information.

One last question...

Looking on carparts4less as well as ecp, there are two different starter motors for my X5, and they have different fitting details like length 1,2,3 and number of teeth.

Any idea how do I know which of the two do I need?

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Problems / Re: Starting problem.. Making scary sounds
« on: February 10, 2018, 04:20:28 PM »
I put a Bosch on my E46 3.0d from ECP.  The ‘problem’ starters appear to be Magnetti-Marelli as this brand gets reported more frequently.  It’s a common problem as both my E53 and E46 ones failed.  The motor coils fail and try to draw huge current from the battery - which it can’t supply.
Is there a way I can find which starter motor I need to get. I checked Gsf website and they have one starter motor for my car priced at £414. I checked eurocarparts and they have 2 starter motors. The bosch ones are between £190 and £240.

How.do I find which bostch starter motor will fit my X5?

Thx for your help and advise?

Also can the ring gear also get damaged? Is it expensive to replace?

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Problems / Re: Starting problem.. Making scary sounds
« on: February 10, 2018, 09:04:25 AM »
I’d stop doing that if I were you! I got a recon Bosch starter from ECP which cured an almighty racket which sounded quite similar. £130 quid I think, you need to remove the reinforcement plate which has stretch bolts that should be replaced - £77 quid from BMW - although lots of folk do reuse them, that’s up to you
Hi. Thanks.

I am planning to take it to a specialist independent BMW garage. I sent this video to them and they said they'd need to take out the starter motor and have a look at the ring gear (and I've got no idea what that means).


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Problems / Starting problem.. Making scary sounds
« on: February 09, 2018, 07:07:32 PM »
X5 E53 2005 Auto 3.0D 97k miles

Starting problem.. Making scary noise when I am trying to start.

Can anybody tell what this sounds like?

Here's a link to a video of the sound it is making.


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Problems / Random/Intermittent Problem starting the X5
« on: August 03, 2017, 12:00:20 PM »

My X5 (E53 Auto Facelift 3.0d, 2005, 87000+ miles) has got a strange problem.

After I've driven my car for a little while (anything over 15 minutes) and then stop the X5, randomly it refuses to start. When that happens, and I try to start the X5, all the dashboard lights come on, the radio and aircon comes on - but it still does not start.

After much digging in, I've noticed that when I turn the ignition switch on to start the X5, there is a ticking sound for 2-3 seconds in the engine area. It is quite low sound and I could only hear it once I opened the bonnet and tried listening carefully. I've also found that when this starting problem happens, the angel eyes light rings also seem to blink between on and off.

This is really random and I've not been able to find any pattern to it. Also, After about 20 to 30 minutes, the X5 just starts fine.

I reported this same problem in this forum long time ago, and since then I've got the battery changed as well - which didn't help.

I've also bought the USB cable and used that with INPA today morning as the problem happened again today morning. I've taken lots of screenshots of all the readings from INPA, but I'm not sure what to look for and where.

Would anybody be able to advise on what to look for on INPA readings? I can post the screenshots here if that helps.

Fyi, I also see error with 5 of the 6 glow plus (glow plus number 1,3,4,5,6). Not sure if that contributes to the issue.


Problems / Re: Starting Problems ... help
« on: April 28, 2016, 01:50:18 PM »

Thanks for your comments.

I don't feel or hear anything turn or crank when this problem happens.

Today morning, I drove the x5 for 1 hour and then when I stopped and tried to restart, the car did not start.

I then plugged in the ODB unit I have and took photos of all the values it displayed (and I don't really understand these values).

Here are the pics:

All these images were taken with car being stationary and the key being in the position where it normally would be when the car is running.

In particular I am worried about the glow-plus warnings .. any ideas what I need to do about these, and it these could be related to the starting problem.


Problems / Re: Starting Problems ... help
« on: April 27, 2016, 01:56:40 PM »

I'm new to the forum and my knowledge of car electronics is very minimal ...
I'm good with technology in general and am able to pick up things pretty quickly.

I live in London and have an X5 E53 (2005) Auto 3.0d Facelift, which has done about 76k miles - and I really enjoy driving it.

Coming to the problem at hand, I agree that there are many post on many forums and I have read through many as well ... and the more I read, the more I am not sure of what reallt might be the issue.

I guess the only pattern that I can see in all the time I've had startup issue, is that it only seems to happen when the engine is warm. I leave the car for 20-40 minutes and it just starts fine. Having said that I don't have sufficient knowledge to say what that may mean.

About the question if the starter actually turns or it is completely lifeless ... how do I check that? I don't hear any sound of anything turning when the problem happens.

I also checked fuse 5 and fuse 47 and they are not blown.


Problems / Starting Problems ... help
« on: April 27, 2016, 12:44:31 PM »

I have an X5 Auto 3.0d Facelift 2005.

For the last 2-3 months I've been getting some issues starting the vehicle.

It seems to happen when I've driven the car and then I stop somewhere. When I try to start the car again within the next 10 minutes or so it just doesn't start (though this does not happens every time though).

The dash lights come on, the radio starts, and the fan/air con also starts - but the engine does not do anything. There is no rattling sound ... it just doesn't do anything. I've tried moving the gear lever between up and down many time but that does not helps either.

The only pattern I can see is that when this happens, the car seems to start fine after about 20-40 minutes.

I took the car to a garage who could not find any issues. I've also tried to connect an OBD sensor and it does not shows any obvious errors as well.

It's causing issues so much so that I have started avoiding the X5 where I know that I would need to stop only for a short duration and then start again.

I've also been reading various forums and have read somewhere that it could be the key .. so I've been thinking on getting a new key made by BMW (as I only have 1 key) - though I am not sure if that is the problem or not.

Any urgent help/suggestions would be really appreciated ..


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