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General X5 Forum (E53) / E53 Front Bumper Removal Problem
« on: May 03, 2018, 10:43:29 AM »
Hi guys,

I have tried 3 times now using the guide on here and this one:


The front bumper just won't come off. I have removed all the bolts listed in this YT video apart from 1 thats too rusty under the front valance. Surely I could still lever it off a bit? Just to replace a faulty sensor.

Having undone all but one, lower bolt, its still like its welded on, doesn't ever budge. Short of going Hulk on it and ripping it off, not sure what to do.

Is there a knack thats not shown in this YT video?

Thanks in advance for your help guys.

I drove up to the midlands to have the work done. So far very pleased with the overall result. The reversing camera is a god send as my parking sensors are faulty!

My nav was in this state:
IMG_1073 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

So it needed sorting. Here are some pics of the install and the finished product. I turned up there at 9am, left at 2.30pm.

The only things I've noticed so far are:

1. The res of the Apple Car Play icons is fuzzy. They are looking into it for me, but it looks a bit rubbish compared to a pin sharp Iphone screen!

2. I have the arial mounted on the windscreen. Fine in London but DAB is patchy on the open road in the countryside. I would go for the shark fin in the future.

3. The reversing camera points down quite a bit. Not much a far view behind the car. But it does what it needs to do!

The positives are the Nav is really good, very visual, loads of info. The Bluetooth phone is super clear and the stereo quality is very good. DAB is awesome!

I will document it more as I use it.

IMG_1076 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

IMG_1077 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

IMG_1078 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

IMG_1080 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

IMG_1082 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

IMG_1083 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

Hi guys,

I have searched the forum but can't seem to find exactly what I need. Hope someone can help.

1. Is there a knack to removing the outer side rear sensors? I have taken the cover off where the 4.4 exhausts would go, reached in, uplugged the sensor but can't remove it. Is there a special twist? Or do I need a tool? Can't push it in or out. Don't want to break anything!

2. Do the front and rear sensors form a circuit? I have loosely plugged in my new rear sensor, all 4 rears are now clicking when I do the ignition test. But they still don't work. I do however still have a faulty front sensor which I won't be able to replace for a while. But do I need to replace that front one too for the rears to work?

Any help greatly appreciated.



Only just picked it up so only one pic, more to come. Loving it! Coming from an F25 X3. Quite different!

I wonder if you guys can help with a couple of things:

1. The spec says 'Preparation, mobile phone, Business' but there is no Telephone function in the menu and I can't see a bluetooth module. Is this something else?

2. Same for BMW ASSIST. Its on the options list but not on an option on my screen.

The DVD unti is just loose in the spare wheel well. Looks like the previous owner may have had something else plumbed in.

I'm interested in getting a new nav unit and maybe a reverse camera. Is there a whole system? Whats the best? Don't mind spending a bit to get something nicely integrated.

IMG_0953 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

General X5 Forum (E53) / E53 18in staggered wheels & Style 153
« on: February 28, 2018, 02:04:37 PM »
Hi Guys,

Is there an 18in staggered wheel for the E53? Or all staggered only 19s? Also, can't seem to find style 153s for sale. I think they are US spec wheels?

Thinking of buying an SE and will need to spec the wheels up.


General Discussion / Returning with a 2010 X3 Xline after a few years!
« on: February 16, 2018, 02:39:43 PM »
Hi all,

Just thought I would share some pics of my new car. Had an X5 a few years ago and used this forum a lot, its bloody good!

When this came up I had to have it. Exact spec I wanted!
Memory Seats
Heated Seats
Pan Roof
Adaptive dampers
Reverse camera
To name a few.

Wanting to fit a tow bar. Anyone had experience of this with an F25?



IMG_0797 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

IMG_0795 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

IMG_0792 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

IMG_0791 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

IMG_0790 by Motion Limited, on Flickr

General Discussion / Import a petrol F25 X3
« on: September 01, 2017, 01:16:36 PM »
Dear all,

I have been away from this forum since I sold my X5 a few years ago. Now wanting to get back into an X. I love petrol engines and I really like the F25 X3. They are all diesel here in the UK!

Anyone had any experience of importing a BMW from Australia or SA? Would like right hand drive but I want the 28i or 35i!!! What are the chances?

Any advise would be appreciated.

General X5 Forum (E70) / 3.0si prices???
« on: February 14, 2011, 01:34:43 PM »
Hi guys, I've been away from xdrivers for a bit being sans X5! But always looking for my next one. I noticed something funny with X5 prices. Maybe its just because there are not many of them around, but 3.0 petrol E70s seem to hold their value. None under £30,000, whereas you can pick up a diesel 3.0 E70 for as low as £25,000 now. Am I missing something? The MPG on the E70 petrols is not great so why the highish value? I thought an 07 3.0si would be the cheapest way to get into an E70, but obviously not.

General Discussion / New Car Conundrum X5? X3? Mini?
« on: January 14, 2011, 02:08:20 PM »
Hi all, just sharing my conundrum with you. I've got the itch, its time for a new car. But I just don't know what to do at the moment. Planning doing this in the summer/Sept.

The general rules are:
Need to sell current 330i touring.
Wife wants a 4x4 but also loves Minis.
Don't want to spend more than £20,000.

Option 1.
Earlyish X3 3.0i - £10-12,000.
Mini Cooper fully loaded (around 05) - £8,000
X3 for long runs, holidays skiing, UK winter. Mini for running around London.
Pros - 2 cars in the family, handy. Quite like the idea of having slightly older car that can get scratched by our little one. Get both the 4x4 and the London runaround.
Cons - 3.0i is thirsty!! And the early X3s have build quality issues. 2 sets of running costs.

Option 2.
Get another X5
I loved my old X5, awesome motor. But that would be a 1 car budget buster. Would have to be a diesel.
Pros - Back in an X5!!! 4x4ness achieved. Wife loves the X5.
Cons - Lots of running around London needed, thirsty work for the X5, fuel prices on the rise! Our old X5 always felt a little too large for us.

Option 3.
Get a newer diesel X3
For £20,000 a well specced BMW approved is possible. On a good day a 30d or lower spec 35d.
Pros - Get the 4x4, get a newer car. Wife likes the X3. 35d is quick!
Cons - Only 1 car for use. Face possible high Depreciation.

I know most of you guys would just say 'get the X5', but as a side note of X5 v X3. Something has changed in me, I actually really like the older X3 now, to me its got the proper older Beemer look, with the right wheels and colour, they look good! I've done some research, I am to believe the X3 has the same 4x4 skills (lets face it snow ability) as the X5. The later X3 diesels are quite economic. And the X3 is more our kind of size. However, with the X3 I think I may always feel like I'm either driving the wifes car, or that I'm driving a poor relation of the car I really want, the X5! Some practical points are very important here though, fuel economy and wifes happiness.

Not looking for hard and fast answers, but drop in your opinion if you fancy, or put me right on the X3 v X5 thing. I love getting a new car, but its agonsing making the choice!


General X5 Forum (E53) / XDrive and Power for Snow
« on: December 24, 2010, 10:24:21 AM »
Hi Guys, all this snow and the family planning some ski trips in the not too distant future has got me on autotrader most evenings longing for my next X5 (had to sell my old one in the summer).

If I get another one though its got to do the 4x4 in snow properly. So a couple of questions.

1. Do all X5s have XDrive? (said to be much better than Audis Quattro system) I notice only some E70s have the XDrive badge, and no E53s do. Is XDrive a better 4x4 system thats optional? Or do all X5s from the very beginning have the same 4x4 system?

2. Would a V8 be better in the snow that a 3.0d? due to pure power? I have read 2 posts on here now:

• gobiman   viewtopic.php?f=8&t=998

• Another post I can't find right now, it was a 4.4 with loads of pics in the post.

where their X5s performed very well in the snow, both were v8s though. Would the 3.0d have done the same job?

General Discussion / 60 Cayenne Turbo
« on: October 08, 2010, 06:04:02 PM »
Just walked past this brand spanker near my office. Sorry, not an X5, but I have to say, the Cayenne is no longer ugly! at least from the rear. First Turbo version I've seen in the flesh.

General X5 Forum (E53) / 4.8 on Pistonheads
« on: October 06, 2010, 07:28:05 PM »

Is this lowered? Looks pretty cool to me! Or is it sitting low on its adjustable suspension. I would love a 4.8!

This guy has photographed this car very well, I mean the right angles. As a designer these things stick out.

AW8, might be worth a mention in your new Selling Guide! Photograph the car low!


General Discussion / BMW Air Con Info
« on: August 17, 2010, 10:25:31 AM »
I was at the BMW event at Gaydon on Sunday, loads of nice Beemers, only saw 2 X5s though!! Whats that all about?  :(

Anyway, we were chatting to one of the guys who works on the mag BMW CAR, he had been over to the BMW factory, and one of the engineers suggested that if you're running an older BMW, you should try and leave your air con on all the time if you can bear it, or at least use it very regularly! It keeps the whole system lubricated, stops seals decaying, and keeps it in good working order apparently.

I did wonder though, if you have it on 17 degrees, will it burn more fuel than if you had it on say 20 degrees? My guess is thats how it works, but I'm no engineer! Anyone know?

General Discussion / Motorola V50 users - help please.
« on: August 13, 2010, 01:31:48 PM »
Chaps, I just bought a v50 off Ebay. Its all working fine in the car, very happy,  :D  but I don't have a manual to refer to, neither can I find one to download, anyone know of a download?

My main question is, do you guys leave the phone in the car?, I guess this is for anyone who parks on the street!

If I do, and its in its cradle, its visible, its bright silver and might attract some oik who steals shiny things because hes too off his head to steal anything valuable! I could cover it with something.

But one more question, I know if the phone is off, and you start the car, it starts the phone. But if its left connected, and you turn the car off, will that turn the phone off after a while (doesn't seem to straight away)? Or will the phone stay left on? Senario 2, oik walks past car at exact time other oik calls my (spare hardly used) phone as a wrong number, hears phone, smashes window only to steal a scuffed 8 year old phone!  :(

Which brings me back to me needing a manual, I can't see how to turn the ringer off, but still have it ring through the car speakers.

Trust me, these things happen in London! I once walked round the corner and every car in the street had been keyed by some scumbag. Luckily mine was parked elsewhere that night!

How-To / Upgrade Sat Nav Mk3 to Mk4
« on: August 12, 2010, 07:20:22 PM »
So easy its almost not worth a detailed post, but here you go anyway.  :D  This is on my 330, but I'm sure it exactly the same in the X5. As an aside point, photos taken with my new Iphone 4, awesome little phone!  :)

1. Decide you're not happy with Mk3 system. Check out those blocky graphics!! And it kept stalling, and was quite slow!

2. Buy Mk4 unit on Ebay for £330.

3. Remove old CD from drive (otherwise is stuck in there!)

4. Take out unit by any means you can. I used a small screwdriver and fingers. Its spring pinned in like an old car stereo.

5. Unclip the purple and blue plugs, and pull off the metal plug at the end (in background).

6. Slide the new Mk4 unit back into the cage. Make sure those spring pins are engaging.

7. Load software update DVD (I bought mine from Mick http://www.eurosatnav.com very good service and it all works!) You'll see this screen.

8. Then you should see this screen, OK it with right hand button.

9. Load your new 2010 maps with europe included (Mk3 only supported UK). Again, care of Mick.

Check out the nice smooth graphics! Can also select perspective, and its loads quicker.

So easy and took under 10 minutes.

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