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Glen, bear with me as new to this forum! What sticky thread am I looking for? I’m a bit confused

Hi Glen
That link you kindly listed does not work. It just takes me back to the home page :o

I am in the market looking for an E70 X5 M sport for my family, ideally with under 60,000 miles (with FSH) and as fewer owners from new. Budget capped at £15,000.
I have never bought a ‘4x4’ vehicle before, let alone a second hand one. Therefore I am being somewhat more careful of purchasing one as they are generally more expensive to run/service than any of my former cars (1 series, 3 series, C class).
I guess my budget will dictate what I can afford in the end but does anyone have any useful suggestions to make before I make my purchase?
Many thanks in advance.

General Discussion / BMW Warranty
« on: June 01, 2018, 03:44:09 PM »
Hi there

I am looking at buying a E70 X5 for my family, ideally with under 60,000 miles (with of course FSH). The BMW warranty I see is approx £100 pcm under the 60k mileage threshold for this car/model, then its almost double the cost pcm if the vehicle has done over 61k miles.

Does anyone have any experience with BMW warranties - are they worth paying for? I know there are cheaper warranties out there (such as The AA or RAC) but I have read from other forums that the companies always try to wriggle out of paying when you need to make a claim).  BMW warranty seems not to be quite the case?

Any help would be appreciated before I take the plunge in buying one of these cars.

Many thanks.

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